Dai Carter

mental Strength expert
ex-special forces, author, speaker

Dai Carter

mental Strength expert
ex-special forces, author, speaker

mental strength

The four components in this model appear to be separate parts, but they are not. They influence each other and all have similarities. The trick is to gain insight into how these components work together and reinforce each other. You could also think of it as the wheel of mental strength, and it will need to move if you want to strengthen your mental strength. (source; Mentale Kracht, de wereld van nu vraagt erom)

Dai developed this model to provide insight into how mental strength can work for individuals and organizations. The model is based on his definition of mental strength: mental strength consists of all physical, cognitive, emotional, spiritual skills and processes that positively influence consciousness.His definition comes from thorough literature research and his years of experience in the Special Forces. Dai is committed to making people mentally stronger in various ways and thus strengthening their resilience and resilience. He does this by writing and lecturing on these very important themes.


At seventeen, Dai chose a life as a soldier. When he was eighteen, he went on a mission to Afghanistan for the first time. It was his goal to become a commando and at the age of twenty he completed the grueling commando training. There his career began with the Dutch Special Forces. He served in the Korps Commandotroepen for ten years and went on missions to various conflict zones. As a Special Forces Medic, Dai has always had a deep interest in physiology, psychology, biology and neurology. Over the years he has built up a lot of knowledge in the field of Mental Strength. He wanted to share this knowledge with a wider audience and decided to write a book about it. In addition to the book, Dai has developed a model with which organizations and individuals can strengthen their Mental Strength. Dai is one of the head instructors in the successful TV program Kamp van Koningsbrugge.

Mental Strength

Today's world is living with the consequences of the pandemic and the war in Europe. Consequences that will impact the mental well-being of humanity for many years to come. Our information-driven society creates great developments, but also threats. Mental strength plays an important role in how we face issues such as social media, climate change, burnout and the consequences of a pandemic and war.

Dai Carter, former special operations commando and known from TV, teaches you how to mentally arm yourself against today's world. His knowledge and experience make him an expert in the field of mental strength. But what exactly is mental strength? And how can it help you arm yourself against today's world?
Dai states that resilience and resilience are more important than ever. If you have the skill to apply resilience and resilience, it will strengthen your mental strength. Dai gives practical tips so that you can build your mental strength, because today's world demands it.

Nu of Nooit

We always operate in the utmost secrecy. And must be physically and mentally prepared for the most extreme challenges. Now or never.

The Korps Commandotroepen are the Special Forces of the Royal Netherlands Army. Not everyone is suited for this work. In fact, only a very select few can call themselves Commando Special Operations. If you pass commando training, it is not only because of your physical strength, but mainly because you are mentally strong.

How wonderful would it be to learn how to apply mental power in your own life? Dai Carter shares in this book the lessons he took from his career with the Dutch Special Forces. He discovered how important it is to be mentally strong especially in everyday life. It is his personal mission to share his story with anyone who wants to strengthen his or her mental strength.

Dai Carter (1989) served thirteen years in the Royal Netherlands Army, the last ten of which with the Korps Commandotroepen. He went to different conflict zones and carried out secret missions. Dai is one of the lead instructors in the successful TV program Kamp Van Koningsbrugge.